Delhi receives 10,000 tons of e-waste every day

India acts as a dumping yard for the e-waste produced in the developed countries. Delhi alone receives around 10,000 metric tonnes of e-waste every day, according to a report by Assocham. The government has taken various measures to prevent illegal import of electronic waste into the country.

That means, each year 3.65 million metric tonnes of e-waste is imported in Delhi alone. Asscocham estimates that 85 percent of waste generated in the developed world lands up in Delhi.

Apart from Delhi, there are other major centres in the country where e-waste is dumped. They include Ahmedabad, Chennai, Mumbai, among others.

As per Assocham, Delhi-NCR to generate 1.50 lakh Metric tons of E-Waste by 2020. It’s expected to be generated at compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 25% in the Delhi-NCR region.  Less than 1.5% of India’s total electronic waste gets recycled due to absence of proper infrastructure, legislation and framework.

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