Story of Adatte(आदत्ते) E-Waste Management

Adatte’s Origin:

The seed for Adatte E-Waste Management was sown by the founders during the ‘Mai Bangkok Business Challenge’ and nurtured during their ‘Capstone Project’ at Essec Business School, France.

Adatte(आदत्ते) means ‘Reclaim’ in Sanskrit, and the logo of Adatte is a symbolic representation of Delta (‘Change’ ), as Adatte endeavors to transform the e-waste scenario in India.

The company was founded in 2017 and is based out of New Delhi. Currently, Adatte E-Waste Management in the process of setting up a state of the art factory in the Delhi-NCR (Alwar) to cater the most need recycling service.

Why electronic waste?

Electronic waste is growing at 15% annually (1.7 million tons, 2016) in India and electronic waste has tremendous potential for urban mining through better e-waste management. The growing electronic industry in India vs. the lack of lack of e-waste recycling capacity, poses a huge problem. These coupled with the illegal processing of e-waste, which is both harmful to the environment, and the health of the people, the need of the hour is an efficient but powerful solution for the transformation of the waste.

Founding team

The founding team, Abhimanyu Ajay Mehra, and Praveenkumar Sundararaju have a diversified experience in IT, Big Data, Mechanical Engineering, Operations, Tyre Pyrolysis, Automobile, Finance, E-Waste Management, Construction, etc.

The founding team has travelled to France, Germany, India, and China to understand the electronic waste market and the associated technologies, before the inception of the company.

The team has recently inked an MOU with a French firm for technology access and R&D on electronic waste recycling. The French firm has patented technologies on E-Waste Waste recycling and has helped founding team in conceptualization.


Adatte offers the following services to clients in various sectors and also offers customized solutions.

· IT Asset Management

· Electronic Waste Dismantling

· Printed Circuit Board Recycling

· Data Sanitization

· Reverse Logistics


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