Data Sanitisation

Data is critical to any organization and individuals. The data ranges from Personal Identification Information (PII) for individuals, financials/intellectual data for companies, project/confidential data for Government agencies, student details/address for school/college, etc.

At Adatte, we offer free and premium service to clients as per International Data Compliance. 

Our On-site service:

Data Wiping*:

Data wiping involves wiping of data either through software/Hardware.  This involves overwriting the data (using 0 & 1) to destroy the data.

Data Degaussing*: 

Data degaussing involves the destruction of data through a magnetic field that neutralizes the magnetic particles and erases the data.

Physical Destruction*:

Physical destruction involves specialized machine to damage the storage device to render it useless. Our Premium services involve exclusive machine, and our free services involve manual drilling of the hard disk.

Manual drilling of Hard Disk


The storage device will be dismantled and shredded in our recycling unit using exclusive machinery.

Dismantled Hard Disk

We offer compliance documents under both Premium and Free services with details of Devices’ serial #, HDD Type, Data, Site, etc.

*Charges will be extra depending on the service. Physical destruction and off-site are offered for free as part of our recycling service.

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