Adatte E-Waste Management


Your EPR Solution:

If you’re a producer or part of a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO), we’re here to help meet your EPR targets as per 2023 EPR regulation. Our comprehensive services are tailored to your needs, ensuring compliance every step of the way.

One-Stop Solution:

– End-to-end services all under one roof.

– We manage everything required for your compliance journey.

Document Management:

– We handle all documentation.

Compliance Assurance:

– We ensure all your compliance requirements are met.

– Maintaining records for audit purposes.

Regulatory Fulfilment:

– Consents, authorizations, and licenses.

– E-Waste Authorization, HWM, Form 2, Form 3, Form 10, Factory License, Fire NOC, Form 16, Insurance Copy, Manpower Insurance, and more.

Environmental Reporting:

– Air and Water Emission Reports from authorized labs.

– ISO Certificates, downstream agreements, and floor plans as per E-Waste Guidelines 2016.

Safety and Security:

– 20 fire extinguishers and complete fire-fighting equipment.

– Sprinklers and Ring Line for enhanced protection.

– Effluent Treatment Plant with an evaporator.

– Dedicated hazardous waste room.

Our Commitment:

– 100% commitment to Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS).

– Maintaining green areas for a sustainable environment.

We are your trusted partner in fulfilling EPR targets, ensuring seamless compliance, and championing environmental responsibility.

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