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Our Approach:

Data Security:

– Prior to disposal, data security is paramount.

– We employ methods like data wiping, degaussing, and physical destruction to ensure sensitive information is permanently erased.

Inventory Assessment:

– We assess the condition and value of each IT asset.

– This helps determine if an asset can be refurbished*, resold, recycled, or needs secure disposal.

Reuse and Refurbishment*:

– Functioning assets are considered for refurbishment or reuse.

– This extends their lifecycle, reduces waste, and contributes to sustainability.

* Adatte exclusively focuses on recycling electronic waste and does not engage in any refurbishment activities.


– Non-functional or obsolete assets are carefully disassembled.

– Components and materials like metals, plastics, and circuit boards are sorted for proper recycling.

Safe Disposal:

– Hazardous components are treated following environmental regulations.

Real Time Status and Compliance Tracking:

– Using Adatte’s Real Time Tracker, you have the ability to monitor your asset’s whereabouts and acquire compliance documents by utilizing the exclusive code assigned to you during the pickup process.

Our Commitment:

– We offer comprehensive IT asset disposal services, ensuring proper handling from start to finish.

– Data security, environmental preservation, and compliance are at the forefront of our approach.

– Our services contribute to a circular economy, reducing waste and conserving resources.

At Adatte E-Waste Management, we understand the importance of secure and environmentally-conscious IT asset disposal. Our processes prioritize data security, sustainability, and compliance, offering you peace of mind while contributing to a greener future.

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