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Precious Metal Recovery from Printed Circuit Boards:

Understanding the Process:

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) contain valuable metals like gold, silver, and palladium. Precious metal recovery involves extracting these valuable materials from discarded PCBs, contributing to resource conservation and economic sustainability.

Our Approach:

Identification and Segregation:

– We carefully identify PCBs containing precious metals through a meticulous sorting process.

– Segregation ensures these valuable materials are separated for efficient recovery.


– PCBs are dismantled using both manual and automated processes to extract valuable components.

Physical Processing:

– The recovered PCBs undergo physical processing to separate precious metal-bearing components from the rest.

– Grinding, shredding, and mechanical separation techniques are employed.

Hydrometallurgical Extraction:

– Chemical processes are used to extract precious metals from the PCB components.

– We adapt different hydrometallurgy processes for recovery of specific target metals.

Pyrometallurgical Enrichment:

We employ pyrometallurgy, involving the controlled melting of metallic powder.

Through thermal process, precious metal sludge is separated and enriched.

We leverage the above infrastructure to process non-ferrous metallic fraction to enhance the purity and for precious metal enrichment.

Environmental Considerations:

– Our processes are designed to minimize environmental impact.

– Proper waste treatment and disposal are ensured for chemicals used in the extraction process.

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