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The Eco-Efficent Solutions for E-Waste Services

Metal Recovery

We recover 10+ metals from E-Waste including Gold, Silver, Palladium and so on.


We leverage and manual and automated process depending on E-Waste composition for maximum recovery.

Water Efficiency

Our Process is 93% more water efficient than virgin mining. With effluent treatment plant, we reduce water wastage.

Energy Efficient

Our process is 90% more energy efficient than virgin mining

Carbon Saving

Our process reduces carbon emission by 87% compared to virgin mining.

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Exceeding the Recycling Standards

Elevating sustainability practices beyond industry norms, our comprehensive approach encompasses in-house recycling initiatives, rigorous fire safety protocols, heightened worker safety measures, state-of-the-art air treatment systems, a zero liquid discharge policy, and ISO certification, all contributing to a holistic commitment to environmental responsibility and operational excellence.

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