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Advanced Fire Safety System:

At Adatte E-Waste Management, we take fire safety with the utmost seriousness. Our state-of-the-art fire safety system is a comprehensive setup designed to swiftly respond to any fire emergency, ensuring the safety of our premises, personnel, and assets.

Encircling Fire Rings:

– Our facility is equipped with encircling fire rings, strategically placed to contain and prevent the spread of fires.

Sprinkler Network:

– A sprinkler network that covers the premise.

– In the event of a fire, the system activates, releasing water to suppress the flames.

100k Litre Water Reservoir:

– Our substantial water reservoir holds up to 100,000 liters of water.

– This ensures a continuous and substantial water supply for firefighting.

3-Pump Fire Suppression System:

– Our triple-pump setup guarantees the rapid deployment of water.

– This powerful system is capable of quickly addressing fires of varying sizes.

Comprehensive Tools:

– Our fire safety arsenal includes fire buckets and a fire extinguisher ball for immediate, localized responses.

Fire Extinguishers:

– We have a well-distributed network of 20 fire extinguishers.

– These extinguishers are strategically placed and regularly maintained.

Advanced Safety Measures:

– Our advanced fire safety system is meticulously designed to meet the highest safety standards.

– It provides an effective first line of defense against fire-related risks.

Commitment to Safety:

– At Adatte E-Waste Management, safety is our top priority.

– Our comprehensive fire safety system reflects our commitment to safeguarding our environment, employees, and valuable assets.

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