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We Are Adatte E-Waste Management

We are an electronic waste dismantling and recycling company with specialized focus on printed circuit board recycling with metal and non-metal recovery. Our plant is strategically located in the NCR region with zero discharge policy and superior infrastructure for safer and greener recycling.

The word 'Adatte(आदत्ते)' means 'reclaim' in Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language. The logo of Adatte is a symbolic representation of 'Delta' in physics, which means change. With the chosen technology and our data driven approach, we want to change the electronic waste management in India.

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What We Do

Your Electronic Waste, Our Responsibility

E-Waste Dismantling

We dismantle electronic waste such as desktop, laptop, mobile, CRT, keyboard, etc. at our factory premise with specialized tools and trained professionals.

PCB Recycling

We specialize in recycling of printed circuit board with our proven technology to recover precious, ferrous and non-ferrous metal with minimal impurities. Our factory has dedicated pollution control equipments and effluent treatment plant for safer recycling.

IT Asset Management

We offer asset managment services to our clients. We provide services such as asset removal, data destruction, logistics management, etc.

Data Sanitization

We respect your confidental data and privacy. We sanitize all the assets before further processing at our factory premise.


Our European Partner specialize in E-Waste recycling with patented technologies and further involved in continous new process development for rare earth metal extraction.

E-Waste Collection

We are partnering with various organisation to sensitize the dangerous of electronic waste to general public and encourage them for proper disposal of electronic waste through our channel partners.

Our Team

Urban Miners

Abhimanyu Mehra is the Co-Founder of Adatte E-Waste Management Private Limited. He is from a Mechanical Engineering background and has done Master of Business Administration in France. He did extensive work on circular economy in Europe and Asia, before starting the venture in India.

Abhimanyu Ajay Mehra Co-Founder

Praveenkumar is the Co-Founder of Adatte E-Waste Management Private Limited. He is from a Computer Engineering background and has done Master of Business Administration in France. He partnered with TerraNova Development and Abhimanyu to showcase the business of e-waste recycling in International competitions and won awards.

Praveenkumar Sundararaju Co-Founder

Mehul Jaiswal is the Senior Executive of Adatte E-Waste Management Private Limited. Apart from his significant experience in IT Networking, he is also into infrastructure setup.

Senior Executive
Mehul Jaiswal Senior Executive

Terranova Development, a stakeholder of T2Conseil is a French firm with patented electronic waste recycling technology with presence in multiple countries. Our Partnership is to bring European R&D and WEEE compliance to Indian market.

Terranova Development Technology Partner

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